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Do you want your pre-baby body back?

Do you want your pre-baby body back

Do you want your pre-baby body back? 

After 9 months of carrying your baby, going through childbirth and then devoting every moment (day and night) of those first few weeks to your precious new baby, you may be feeling the need to gain your pre body strength back and your sanity!

Body Reformers are offering a 5-week Postnatal Pilates Program starting 10th March. This program is an opportunity to meet other new mums and bubs while we help you repair and restore your core strength and learn how to reactivate your pelvic floor from a women’s health specialist. All new mums should take part in a Postnatal Pilates program once your doctor has given you approval.  Post-birth is a challenging time for both your mind and body, let us help you!

Some of the frequently asked questions we receive are:

  1. What are the Benefits of Postnatal Pilates 

Pilates’ focuses on alignment and posture, which is especially important for  new mums.  It is a low impact exercise which can help correct imbalances in the body from pregnancy, and the high demands nursing and holding a newborn can have on posture. 

Pilates can help relieve stress, which all new mums are faced with as their lives shift into a new gear.   The intentional deep breathing we practice in our Pilates classes oxygenates the muscles and the brain, giving more mental clarity, better memory and patience.  The combination of deep breathing and Pilates movements improves blood flow, boosting energy levels, which is something all new sleep deprived mums need.

Postnatal Pilates has a strong focus on re activating the pelvic floor and strengthening the abdominal muscles.  Gentle activation and Pilates exercises taught be a qualified postnatal instructor will help repair and restore your core. 

  1. What can I expect in the sessions?

Our Postnatal Pilates mum and bubs classes will involve a variety of exercises, including Matwork Pilates, Reformer Pilates and some Barre movement patterns. The sessions are designed for new mums and expectant mums. It will particularly focus on spinal and pelvic alignment as the physical changes that come with pregnancy and giving birth can put a strain on your body and its alignment. Your instructor will help you strengthen weak muscles and stretch your tight muscles. 

  1. Are there other mums in the class?

Yes! Being with other new mums is important. Having a community that shares your joys and concerns will help get you through your postnatal body issues and baby woes. Everyone is supportive, and it is a great opportunity to make new friends!

  1. Can I really bring my baby with me?

Yes! We have designed our Postnatal Pilates classes to allow you to being your new baby along, so your precious new little bundle never needs to leave your side. Our supportive and personal classes mean you can be taking time for self-care and bonding with bub at the same time.

  1. What equipment will we be using?

We have everything you need for your Postnatal Pilates mum and bubs workout in studio. We ask that you bring a towel, water, grip socks (available in studio if you need some) and your baby essentials. 

If you are having a bad morning or week, too busy, too cold, no excuses you can jump online and do our on demand Pilates workouts from home. We have specifically tailored our sessions to target a group of muscles with workouts varying from 10-20 minutes in length. You can do 1, 2 or 3 workouts whilst your bub sleeps or during bubs tummy time. These Pilates sessions can be done whenever you want for only $4.99 a week, no contracts and you can end at any time.

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Love Liza & Suzanna 

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