meet our instructors

Suzanna Luketic

Co-founder / Instructor

I grew up as an active teenager, loving all sports in my home town of Melbourne. I was introduced to the fitness industry during my Year 10 work experience block at school. I remember thinking how great it would be to have a job that kept you fit and healthy, one that you were passionate about and was forever transforming. Upon finishing year 12, I completed my Certificate 3 in Fitness which enabled me to teach freestyle group fitness classes. I was employed as a group fitness manager and expanded my teaching qualifications to include Les Mills Body Pump, Body Attack and Cxworxs. My love of health and fitness motivated me to combine my role of group fitness manager and teaching of fitness with further study so I entered into a 4 year Degree of Bachelor of Applied Science in Physical Education. Upon completion I was employed by a secondary girl’s school teaching Health, Science and Physical Education to years 7-12. I arrived to the Redcliffe peninsula in 2010 and now have a beautiful family with two boys aged 10 and 9. It was after spending years and years heavily ingrained in the fitness world that I realised one’s body will only take so much! It’s easy while in your 20’s, your 30’s usually brings about its first body niggles and then you receive your true wake up call. Being fit is not about running further or jumping higher, it’s about respecting your body and training smarter. I found Pilates to be the answer- it trains the body as an integrated whole and promotes strength, balanced muscle development as well as flexibility. For me, ‘exercise is more than just physical….it’s therapeutic….it’s a way of life’ Qualifications Bachelor of Applied Science-Physical Education- RMIT Reformer Instructor-Studio Pilates Advanced Reformer Instructor-Studio Pilates Matwork Instructor-Studio Pilates Pilates for Pregnancy Instructor-Studio Pilates Barre Instructor- Barre Attack Personal Trainer Older Adults Trainer Body Pump Trainer Body Attack Trainer CXWorxs Trainer Group Exercise Instructor (Freestyle)

Liza David

Co-founder / Instructor

Dance has always been a passion of mine; from a young age I competed in a number of international dance competitions, worked as a Show Girl overseas, a cheerleader, and dance teacher in both Sydney and Brisbane. After moving to Queensland 15 years ago I went on to study an Associate Diploma in Marketing followed by a Post Graduate Certificate at QUT in Business Marketing whilst pursuing a career as a Marketing Manager. I am now a busy mum of 4 beautiful children with a passion and drive for health and fitness, I have always juggled my role as a mother, with work and exercise, which was more for my mental wellbeing sometimes!
After experiencing a neck injury and told spinal surgery was my only option I had to look for alternatives to staying strong and fit without the high impact exercise classes I had become accustomed to. I found Barre, which reignited my love of dance, and Pilates to be the answer to a low impact but highly effective exercise that has helped me not only physically but also mentally.
After experiencing the amazing results myself, feeling the strongest I have ever been and avoiding surgery I left my Marketing career and became a qualified Booty Barre and Pilates instructor and love sharing these amazing workouts with others.

I believe fitness is a life long commitment to being your best self so lets enjoy the process and live the best life we can!

Mat Pilates – Studio Pilates
Ball Bands and Circle – Studio Pilates
Barre – Booty Barre
Reformers – Studio Pilates & Rebalance Yoga and Pilates
Pilates for PregnancyStudio Pilates
Cadillac – Tensegrity Training

Jacqui Benoit

Co-founder / Instructor

Health, fitness and wellbeing have always been, and will continue to be, an important part of my life. Growing up on the mid north coast of NSW I was always into sports and activities, taking on everything from team sports to individual pursuits like triathlon and swimming. I spent a lot of time training and competing in aerobic based sports through my teens and twenties often suffering the injuries that come with the territory, always feeling that something was missing from my training. 2 years ago on a break from high intensity exercise I started Pilates and found what I had been looking for! Pilates is the strength, length, stability and mind body connection that is so often missing in our busy lives.

No matter where I am in my life and how much things are changing around me the one thing I have always had is a desire to be fit and healthy, it’s what helps to keep me positive and mentally strong. Health body and healthy mind go hand in hand.
Being able to help others lead healthy lives and find their ‘missing piece’ is what drives me and led me to train as a Physiotherapist and now Pilates Instructor.

My husband and I moved to Redcliffe 4 years ago and absolutely love the peninsula and active lifestyle that we are so lucky to enjoy. We now have a little baby girl (Isobel) who is 4 months old! As I enter a new chapter in my life I am thrilled to be able to include Pilates teaching in this beautiful part of the world at an amazing studio.

Caroline Steer


Movement and teaching has always been a big part of my life. I began dancing at the age of 6, training in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz & Tap for over 12 years. Once I left school I found my passion in teaching when I trained to become an instructor in Ballroom & Latin styles. I have been teaching ever since; while living overseas for several years and through my own business which I started in Sydney in 2008.

I first started Pilates back when I was doing Ballet, around the age of 15, and immediately felt the benefits in my overall strength, posture and balance. I loved that it kept the muscles long and lean and made me less prone to injury. I had breaks over the years but had always found myself coming back to it as a form of exercise, however it was not long after the birth of my second child when I had done nothing for over a year that I discovered Body Reformers and decided to get back into it. I fell pregnant with my 3rd baby not long after and continued training right up until I gave birth, and found the pregnancy and recovery afterwards so much faster. I knew I wanted to get back into teaching and with the support of Suzanna and Liza I decided to do my training in early 2019.

With Pilates, I feel like I have not only found a form of exercise that I am passionate about, but have also found a new career that fits in and around my growing and very busy family. I love that I can still keep my love for teaching while challenging myself with a new form of movement through Pilates and Barre. The physical health & benefits are obvious, but what I find so important are the benefits for my mental strength, and I love that I can share this with our beautiful members at BR.

Nadina Teskera


Since a young age I have been an active, sports loving participant. Whatever sport was on offer during my school life… I was in it! This love of exercise and sport led me to study a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at UNSW. From there I became a qualified HPE teacher and have taught for seventeen years in a variety of schools in Sydney and Brisbane, including the Director of a Talented Sports Program at a Sports Selective High School, a Secondary HPE teacher at an innovative private school in Sydney and part-time HPE teacher in the Girls Sports Excellence academy at a local State High School on the Peninsula.

My previous careers have also revolved around sport and exercise including NRL Schools Development Officer with the Sydney Roosters and Sports Trainer/Rehabilitation Co-ordinator for the Sydney Roosters Junior Representative teams.

Aside from my teaching career I have represented NSW and Australia in the sport of Touch Football. Through this involvement I have been able to travel the world, form lifelong friendships with like-minded people, maintain a healthy, fit, strong body and had the privilege to captain the Australian Mixed Open team at the 2001 and 2003 Touch World Cups.

However, from my 15 years of training and playing Touch at an elite level my body has suffered. I have overcome numerous injuries and surgeries that has left me with arthritis in several major joints which affected the type of training I could do. (Which meant no more running or high intensity exercise classes for me).

I am a mum to two very active children and have a partner who works in the sporting arena.

Our family moved to the Redcliffe Peninsula from Sydney at the start of 2016 and loved the area so much that we built a house here two years later. I have been coming to Body Reformers since they opened their doors and this is when my love affair with Reformer Pilates began. It was a form of training that I could do to stay physically strong and mentally stimulated without the heavy loads placed on my body.

It wasn’t until I went through a debilitating injury with 3 rounds of surgery in 2019 that I decided to gain my Pilates Instructor Certification.

Through Pilates I have strengthened and lengthened my body and my mind. From my past experiences, knowledge and passion for exercise I feel I have a lot to offer to women and men of all ages and stages of life.

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science at UNSW
Post Graduate Diploma in Secondary teaching
Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach
Level 2 Sports Trainer certification
Certified Mat Work Pilates Instructor – Studio Pilates
Certified Reformer Pilates Instructor – Studio Pilates

Kylie Edwards


I love being active (but not all the time, I also love my sleep!), and trying my best at everything I do, whatever that may be. I have always been involved in sports, from running, to weights in the gym, to hockey, and I have always loved challenging my body both physically and mentally while having fun doing it.

After working in the travel industry in an office at a desk for several years, I started my family and have two boys. I then started working a in physically demanding job, and my body started to ache and stiffen. The exercise I always loved doing had started to hurt. My aches progressed to some wear and tear on my body. I tried reformer Pilates for the first time and found that I could get an amazingly effective workout and muscle burn leading to better movement, form, and strength without overly stressing my body and joints. I love the mind-body connection, isolation of specific muscles, controlled stretching and the overall body awareness that I have found in Pilates. After three years as a client with Body Reformers, I started studying with Studio Pilates International and became qualified as a Matwork, and Reformer Instructor.

I am excited about the fact that everyone can do some form of Pilates and benefit greatly from it.

My goal as a Pilates instructor is to help people move with confidence and strength and for them to recognize the movement of their bodies in space, discover how capable they truly are, and be part of the experience that challenges both their bodies and minds.