Body Reformers offers Matwork and Reformer Pilates sessions for Corporate groups. Classes can be held at our beautiful beachfront studio in Scarborough and accommodate up to 13 people. Alternatively, classes can also be held at your workplace and accommodate up to 30 people. Larger groups may be booked with 2 highly qualified and experienced instructors.

A Matwork Pilates class is a cost effective and time efficient way to allow your staff to focus on building strength and control from the deeper core muscles to help support and stabilise their body through movement. It will also help prevent neck, back and shoulder pain and stiffness. Your staff will develop breath control which will assist in improving their focus and concentration. These classes are conducted on the mat, utilising your own body weight and small apparatus for resistance. During matwork classes, the exercises are taught at a slower pace as there is an emphasis on technique.

In a Reformer class, participants will be challenged by combining their own body weight with spring resistance allowing for fluid movements that focus on eccentric muscle contractions. The reformer is also great as a support when opposing muscles are imbalanced or when flexibility is limited. We can modify and provide many variations allowing just the right amount of challenge to each client.

You can also have access to workouts 24/7 and that you can do anytime and anywhere. Body Reformers TV is our online studio. Each workout has been carefully created to target specific parts of the body with intense activation focusing on technique to ensure effective, fast and long-term results. Be assured all workouts are safe and appropriate for anyone as levels are provided. These classes are taught by the founders of Body Reformers, Liza and Suzanna.

Pilates is an excellent stress buster that can rejuvenate the mind and body and give your employees a deeper sense of awareness about their health. It can provide many immediate and long-term wellness benefits including, increased energy levels, reduced anxiety, reduced stress, improved memory, improve posture, enhanced immunity, increased productivity and motivation, reduced employee absenteeism and improves overall morale in the workplace.