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Body Reformers

Body Reformers!  Body Reformers aka Suzanna & Liza have been a part of my life for 3 years.  When I started with Body Reformers I was enduring personal trauma, I had been through dramatic weight loss, suffered back pain, fatigue, had snapped all the ligaments in my knee, didn’t eat, my self-esteem was shot and my overall mental health was not in a good place.  I was a single mum with an 11 year old son suffering his own trauma and working full time to keep us floating.  Then Body Reformers came to town and I signed up to have something for myself.  An escape!

I have always been an moderate exerciser, I have done the gyms, bootcamps, group fitness classes and walked.  Walking is still something I do along with Pilates but the others never stayed a part of my life.  I have been pretty consistent for the last 3 years with Body Reformers and have my set 4 classes per week and live by a motto that I only allow myself one cancellation per year “because I couldn’t be bothered” if I have to work, family or have mum commitments then they do prioritise.  (I did cancel once for a date ) 

Starting …..  Those first few months I would say out loud “How the hell is my body supposed to do that!” (OK maybe I still say that today lol).  I remember after a few months how excited I was to be able to touch my toes!  This is still my Body Reformers profile pic today.  Eventually I found my groove with it though and just like all other clients when we know what is coming (Aka that’s gonna burn!)  I will sigh lol  But it is exactly what we are there for and you see & feel the results!.

After 3 years Suzanna & Liza can still surprise us.  The passion, knowledge and deliverance of their professionalism is not like any other I have experienced in gyms, bootcamps etc (Except for my previous classes with Suzanna ).  They are constantly working to challenge us and throwing in new moves to keep us on our toes and take us to new levels (I didn’t’ think that would be possible after 3 years).  We can always tell when they have been on a training camp, they come back and still have me 3 years later saying “How the hell is my body supposed to do that!”.  They believe in me though and sure enough my body will comply because of my confidence in them.  In saying that there is a limit to my body’s bendiness and no matter how much will power or confidence I can never see it bending like Liza’s! That’s just unhuman lol.  These girls also work with some of my body parts limitations due to previous physical traumas and have taught me how to modify some moves so I can get the best out of it.  They are always so accommodating because they want us all to achieve & get the most out of our classes.  They will get the rest going and help anyone who needs it (even if sometimes I think they keep the rest of us burning for a little longer than what was scheduled! And then of course we have to be balanced so get it longer on the other side!)  There are so many many things I could say about how amazing and inspirational these women are.  Right down to they will just give me a hug if they know I need one, no words. 

I have had little experience with other instructors but there have been a couple that I have watched them also grow in their role.  Caroline has recently been added to some of my timeslots and her experience and classes have challenged me again which has been great!

The clients…  I have been lucky to have a long time friend who joined up with me and we still do some classes together every week.  This is our catchup as well and there are many times when we receive a “look” that its time for us to be Shush lol.  I also met and made many friends along the way.  When someone hasn’t been in a little while then we will ask “where you been, hope you have been well”.  I also see many clients outside of the studio “Hi you go to Body Reformers!”  I also love to help out any new member where I can and will play my part in giving them the strength to ride through the pain and unco-ordination of those first few weeks. (may also tell them not to follow my lead lol).  Other clients will also give me determination to push through as well.  We can all be very encouraging to each other , no matter how old, young or our own physical condition.  I have watched some clients achieve some amazing goals with help from others in the studio supporting them.  

I of course have my favourite moves, ones I do because it is part of it and ones I absolutely hate! Most clients know exactly which ones are which for me lol  I am sure I am also known as the woman “who sings out loud” lol.  Or her feet dance in Table top lol  I love the Tunes, these make a huge difference and plays it part in my classes.

What Body reformers has done for me.  The results I have worked for has helped my self-esteem and given me confidence I have never felt before. My physical strength has come so so far, I couldn’t do a single push up when I started, I am still not the strongest but even on my bad days I can still do them if I really want too.   My knee which I was supposed to have reconstructed just previously to joining Reformers gives me no issues because of the strength I have developed in my muscles surrounding it.  The results physically I have achieved with Reformers are something I have never achieved anywhere else and when I can get myself their consistently and with an extra class here and there I crave my classes.  There are times I even make my friends feel my abs because I am so proud of my core strength.  At the age of 44 I have never been able to feel them before!

The most precious thing I have achieved from Body Reformers is my mental health (Ok ok yes the Mentos are up there too!).  The part that it has played in my journey words cannot do it justice.  It has become a safe haven for me, my one thing that is solely mine, even on my fragile days I could still go and tune out and focus on me (as long as no one hugged me ).  The person I am now compared to the person I was 3 years ago feel like polar opposites and Body Reformers aka Suzanna & Liza have played a huge part in that.   Even my son will call me on say a Tuesday at 4.30pm (he usually sees me fly in at 4.25pm to get changed) and ask “Mum where are you? You are going to be late for pilates!”

Christina Wilson

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