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Increasing performance & reducing injuries with Pilates

Reducing injuries with Pilates

We have many clients who participate in individual and team sports, and choose pilates to ensure their endurance, speed and agility is maintained especially as we get older.  Although Pilates is low impact it can most definitely assist in your ability to continue high impact sports and avoid injuries.  

Maike mum of 2 shares her experience with us  

“I’m a 40 year old mum of a toddler and a baby. All my life I was doing sport from ice hockey, kickboxing, snowboarding, surfing, etc. After I had my boy 3 years ago I suddenly started to suffer severe back pain due to carrying my son who was getting too heavy. I went back to playing ice hockey after 6 weeks of giving birth, which didn’t help due to the high impact nature of this sport! I started to do barre classes to help my stability and strength and slowly I felt better. I decided with my second pregnancy that I would do it differently! I took a bit of extra time to recover and started Mums & Bubs class in mid February (3 months after) with Body Reformers.  I started doing classes twice a week and in a fortnight I could feel the difference, my core and pelvic floor improved quickly and my back which was creeping up as a problem again STOPPED!! What a win for me. My new ice hockey season (playing mixed teams) was about to start and I had to gain back cardio strength, so I added an extra private session a week to target my specific needs (I could also bring Bub along) – adding the private was really worth it!! We worked on specific muscles with a combination of mat, barre, jump and reformer. I never felt so good on the ice since I had my kids and I think even before then, I had a 9 to 5 office job and clearly lacked the core strength I needed for ice hockey!! My skating skills, battling on the boards and balance is stronger, I’m actually scoring goals which I haven’t for years!! Wohoo ?? and I feel almost mid twenty’s again!! And as a bonus I’ve lost 5 kg since starting with BodyReformer.”

Thanks to Liza & Suzanna

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