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Barre at Body Reformers

Barre at body reformers

Have you tried Barre at BR yet?

I know what you’re thinking….“I am not a dancer”, “I have no rhythm”, “I am not flexible” and your probably pulling a face now or laughing out loud?  If you can hold a ballet barre, then you can do barre! And guess what? I am not a trained dancer and I teach Barre at BR!! And I love it!! It is the best abdominal, glute and leg workout going around!

The class is low impact which means you will get an excellent workout without putting excessive stress on your joints. It can be done by women and men of all shapes, sizes and age. It is also a high intensity workout that incorporates elements of dance and Pilates to elongate muscles and work them to fatigue. Classes are choreographed to music and work the entire body. We warm up the body and prepare it as a dancer would through long movements and high repetitions. We also use isometric movements to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability.

Take my advice and give it a go. Your first class will leave you sore, really sore. The second class will also hurt but your muscles will be able to hold on for those 8 extra repetitions that feel like 32 repetitions! Barre is one of the fastest ways to change the shape of your body with each 45min class burning about 300 calories.

Barre at BR is for everyone! So, it can also be done by YOU! Stop making excuses and book into a Barre today! Better still, book in with one of your friends and sing along with the music and have a giggle as your muscles shake uncontrollably which they will. Mine still do lol.

Suzanna Luketic xx

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