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During an intro reformer class the exercises, including breathing technique and activation of essential core muscles will be broken down as they are taught, ensuring you have great technique. This class is also designed to familiarise clients with the terminology and mechanics of the Reformer. The machines use springs and pulleys to provide variable resistance to assist and challenge the body. The variable resistance with Pilates Reformer is what makes it so unique and is why it’s suitable for every level of ability. It offers a new way to challenge the core and limbs with adjustable resistance. Clients will learn essential level exercises. Once completed clients can join one of our reformer classes.

In a Pilates reformer class clients will combine their own body weight with spring resistance allowing for fluid movements that focus on eccentric muscle contractions. A new dimension of movement is introduced as positions used on the Reformer include kneeling and standing. The Reformer is also great as a support when opposing muscles are imbalanced or when flexibility is limited Reformer classes are not levelled as modifications or variations can be individually taught allowing the just the right amount of challenge to each client.


Jump Reformer brings additional plyometric and cardio benefits to your traditional reformer Pilates.  If you are enjoying your reformer classes but are looking for more variety and cardio then this class is for you.  It is not for beginners; you should have a few Matwork and Reformer Pilates classes under your belt, be reasonably body-aware, and be looking to work harder and push yourself further.  The cardio/plyometrics/pilates combination is tough and involves lots of jumping, kicking, pressing, and rotating movements designed to fatigue, however, as the reformer takes gravity out of the equation it is low impact on joints.  Expect to sweat, burn calories, and feel your legs burn!


Matwork Pilates classes are conducted on the mat, utilising your own body weight and small apparatus for resistance, including the Theraband, Pilates ball, Swiss balls, hand weights and the Pilates Circle. During matwork classes the exercises are taught at a slower pace as there is an emphasis on proper technique and execution throughout the session. It will focus on teaching key Pilates principles including breathing technique and activation of essential core muscles.


Barre is a high intensity workout that incorporates elements of Dance and Pilates to elongate muscles and work them to fatigue. Designed as a “dancers” workout, classes are choreographed to music and work the entire body. The idea is to warm up the body and prepare it as a dancer would through long movements and high repetitions. We use isometric movements combined with the power of music to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. The class is open to all fitness levels and no ballet experience is required. The best abdominal, glute and leg workout going round!



Active Ageing reformer classes are taught at a slower pace with an emphasis on proper technique and execution throughout the session. It will focus on teaching key Pilates principles including breathing technique and activation of essential core muscles. The main focus will be on improving posture and stabilisation of the spine while balancing muscular strength on both sides of the body. With regular classes, you will improve physical coordination and balance, improve concentration and gain a better mind-body awareness.


Strength and Stretch will feature 25 minutes of exercises focused on strengthening a group of muscles followed by 20 minutes of stretching to reward and replenish the mind and body. The class is suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced. Stretching on the Reformer allows you to lengthen and stretch deeper into your muscles, while improving flexibility and posture.


Private Pilates Reformer / Matwork / Barre Classes
One on one session. Ideal for newcomers, people with injuries or special needs such as pregnancy.

Semi Reformer / Matwork / Barre Classes
These are shared classes with up to 3 participants. Ideal for clients wanting to work out together or have the benefit of a private class without the cost.


Pilates matwork using small apparatus specifically for Mum’s to be. Combines core stability, pelvic floor strengthening and stretching with Pilates with a focus on arms, legs and glutes. Suitable for during pregnancy and post labour. Small intimate class with a maximum of 5 participants.



BBC classes are based on traditional Mat Pilates principles with the addition of both large and small balls, resistance bands and Pilates circles to intensify each exercise. The Ball adds instability forcing a deeper core connection, while the band and circle allow you to increase resistance and intensify your workout without using heavy weights.

Clinical Pilates - Kids Pilates

Kids Pilates classes are fun and interactive without compromising form or function. Pilates is a great way to keep kids fit and strong, while having fun!

Our classes are run by a qualified physiotherapist to ensure safe, guided exercises to help kids through their growth phases and/ or optimise performance for their chosen sport or interests. Classes target all the key areas to assist kids with their development including, core strengthening, proprioception training and neuromuscular control, balance, body awareness, postural alignment and flexibility. A variety of equipment will be used to keep classes fun and interactive while catering for your child’s needs.


Mums & Bubs

Mums and bubs classes will focus on strengthening your core and pelvic floor, repairing your diastasis recti (over stretched abdominals), losing unwanted weight and getting your energy and positive outlook back. These sessions will also strengthen postural muscles and stretch tight muscles common to new mums.

Some classes can incorporate babies and toddlers into the workouts. If babies are sleeping, they can park next to you in the pram and capsule. You will learn exercises to do with your pram or with your baby in a baby carrier or holding your baby. You may also use equipment to further challenge your body and leave you feeling energized, relaxed and toned.


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